Cluster user software environment

Each cluster shell account has a default bash shell upon login. This should meet the needs of most users. To change to other shells, such as csh, zsh, tcsh, use the chsh command. Additional info on the chsh command is available through the man pages.

Module management for software package user environment

Software environments are managed through the use of the module approach. Many commercial packages and some public domain software require various settings that can often lead to clashes in the user shell environment. In order to use a package on the cluster, you must load that package's module. For example to use matlab:

> module load matlab

before running matlab.

To see what packages are under module control:

> module avail

To unload a package from your environment:

> module unload matlab

To see loaded packages in your environment:

> module list

To unload all packages in your environment:

> module purge

From time to time there are some software that is not under module control.