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Release Date



OpenTUSK 4.1



  • Release 4.1.0
  • Internationalization support
  • Redesign: new look and feel
  • TUSK and OpenTUSK team

OpenTUSK 4.0 beta 1



  • Hotfix: Add beta1 to info in VERSION
  • Fix change_user_id script to use DBI [TUS-2788]
  • Fix SQL quote error in Content and SQLLink [TUS-2776]
  • Apache 2 related fixes
  • Improvements and fixes to installation scripts
  • Improvements and fixes to database upgrade and version scripts
  • Move database scripts to bin/db
  • Fix HSDB4::SQLRow::User->admin_courses [TUS-2742]
  • Fix course and author search [TUS-2751]
  • Check user's affiliation is a valid school [TUS-2749]
  • Change search date text [TUS-2704]
  • Fix content search SQL error [TUS-2729]
  • fix SQL query for HSDB4::User->getGrades() [TUS-2715]
  • Add directory name to error message if unable to open
  • Fix copyright errors for [TUS-2673]
  • Add SIGPIPE [TUS-2716]
  • took out unneeded call to __() [TUS-2700]
  • Make announcement created column explicit [TUS-2710]
  • Add upgrade instructions for Tusk 4.0 [TUS-2697]
  • Add apreq_module and increased upload limit to tusk_base.conf template
  • Rebecca Asch
  • John Ballem
  • Mike Prentice

OpenTUSK 4.0 alpha 8



  • Add database versioning and upgrade scripts
  • Update help links to use wiki
  • Apache template fixes
  • Updates to Forum CSS
  • Add Perl modules Readonly, IPC::Run3, and Moose
  • Add Vagrant support for virtual development environment
  • Rebecca Asch
  • John Ballem
  • Mike Prentice

OpenTUSK 4.0 alpha 7


Hotfix: 1: 2013-03-14

  • Fixed bad merge headers in lib/TUSK/Core/
  • Add MMTx constants to tusk.conf.explain (UMLS)
  • Change content objective to textarea [TUS-2539]
  • Added Plugin module per [TUS-2481]
  • Removed hardcoded school sql template location [TUS-2515]
  • Fixed umask/permission issues. [TUS-2514]
  • John Ballem
  • Mike Prentice

OpenTUSK 4.0 alpha 6


Hotfix 1: 2013-02-11

*WARNING:* Mike made a mistake in [TUS-2386] and missed an environment variable dependency. This has been fixed in the hotfix opentusk-4_0_0-alpha6-hotfix-1

  • Update external content linking to fix Pubmed/OVID
  • XSL with eval info will now display preliminary due date as the due date as long as it's set
  • Fix startup constants [TUS-2386]
  • Add min-height to footer so icon will display properly [TUS-2495]
  • Fix fts_index [TUS-2450]
  • Move role constants to HSDB4::SQLRow::Content [TUS-2494]
  • added subroutine to reverse engineer content breadcrumb if not in the URL [TUS-2486]
  • small fix to catch top-level content [TUS-2486]
  • allowed assignments to be modified after there have been submissions [TUS-1987]
  • Ignore __MACOSX files in zip upload [TUS-2267]
  • Add copyright and license to bin/create_object [TUS-2493]
  •  Rebecca Asch
  • John Ballem
  • Mike Prentice
  • John Westcott

OpenTUSK 4.0 alpha 5



  • Fix missing TUSK::Constants and testing script [TUS-2475]
  • Add SupportEmail to tusk.conf template [TUS-2417]
  • Created scripts sub dir and placed proper file extentions on scripts.
  • various conf and logging changes
  • Mike Prentice
  • John Ballem

OpenTUSK 4.0 alpha 4



  • Testing: Move DBParameters into a foreach loop
  • Start unit testing with TUSK::Constants
  • added apache dummy loopback logging [TUSKQA-165]
  • override perl CORE::warn to use Apache2::Log::warn avoid '-e' in logs [TUS-2442]
  • added /var/log/tusk create and logs link [TUS-2439]
  • added DTD -> minor_log [TUSKQA-165]
  • adding i18n support for future javascript gettext handlers
  • Set default upload to make slides and keep PowerPoint [TUS-2467]
  • Mike Prentice
  • John Ballem

OpenTUSK 4.0 alpha 3



  • Add content active date searching [TUS-2346]
  • Added custom logging via Include directive in http/https configuration files
    Minor changes to tusk.conf such as LogDir Remoded HSDB_DATABASE username and password perlservars
  • adding new apache install scripts and log handling [TUS-2446]
  • removed legacy template dir
  • modified release logic to allow alpha's ie. 4.0.1-alpha also comments
  • fixed missing lb link and uncommented copyright
  • Change formvalidator.js to be cross-browser compatible [TUS-2430]
  • Change exit() to ->abort() in takequiz
  • databaseSelect accepts arguments for prepared statements
  • Fix quiz type regex in TUSK::Quiz::Result::createResponses
  • Add time period display to gradebook view [TUS-2413]
  • Speed up content search by changing ORM loop into single INSERT
  • Refactored time period code to /tmpl/element:list_time_periods
  • Update quizstart instructions [TUS-2104]
  • Mike Prentice
  • John Ballem

OpenTUSK 4.0 alpha 2



  • Merge with internal mainline OpenTUSK
  • Update install instructions for CentOS, Ubuntu
  • Use VERSION file instead of FindBin
  • Add OpenTusk logo
  • Add core_dumps placeholder to force create core_dumps
  • Mike Prentice
  • John Ballem

OpenTUSK 4.0 alpha 1



  • Initial OpenTUSK from CVS tag tusk-4_0_0
  • Mike Prentice