TUSK Network Requirements

These are some guidelines for network configurations of TUSK servers. They are 

Do Not Use NetworkManager on CentOS or RHEL

NetworkManager is aimed at laptop or desktop deployments, not servers. NetworkManager lacks the ability to do pair bonding, KVM bridges, or VLAN setups.

To avoid accidenal activation of NetworManager, make sure that every /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth* file has these lines:


Do Not Use DHCP

Tusk does not behave well with changing network configurations, especially with changing hostnames. It requires a stable hostname to do web "Redirect" operations for people to log into TUSK.

DNS Requirements

Email Requirements

TUSK User Email

TUSK sends email to the TUSK login users, especially as they change their passwords.

System Account Email

The TUSK software and cron jobs, themselves, send email to those local users. This can be dealt with on a case by case basis, and is dependent on local email standards.

Any local account or system user who does not configure /etc/aliases or a local $HOME/.forward file will have their mail wind up on the local TUSK server, and will probably never see the cron job messages they're interested in.

Getting local accounts to automatically forward to a "SMARTHOST" depends very strongly on which mail server is used and local configurations, and is beyond the scope of this document.