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GSC Lounge > GSC Lounge Reservation Request

The GSC is now offering GSOs and individuals the opportunity to reserve the GSC Lounge Conference rooms for meetings and other appropriate events. To request a reservation, please use the GSC Lounge Reservation Request Form below (online form).

Please note:

  • This form must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the reservation.
  • This form is a request and does not guarantee reservation.
  • You will receive an email indicating the GSC's decision.
  • Please also note that this form is currently only applicable to the GSC Lounge Conference Room located at West Hall 002A.

Requesting Organization (if applicable):

(Select Other/Independent Student Request if not requesting on behalf of a GSO)

Contact Person Email

Name of Event

Date of Event (Month-Day-Year)

Start Time of Event

End Time of Event

Description of Event

Expected Number of People


Thank you for requesting funding, please expect the GSC to contact you soon!.