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h2. Documents & Forms

* [Event Submission Form]
-Use this form for funding and advertisement requests
* [Meeting Minutes]
* [Department Reps List|Department Reps]
* [GSC Constitution|GSC '08-'09^GSCConstitution2002.pdf]
* [GSC Bylaws|GSC '08-'09^GSCBylaws2003.pdf]

h2.        Main Events

h3.                {expand: GSC 5K} 
The Tufts Graduate Student Council [5K Run/Walk |] is held every year to benefit community and campus organizations. This year we are very pleased to be in our seventh year of partnership with RESPOND, Inc. of Somerville, a center that helps women and their children get out of abusive situations and rebuild their lives; and in our fifth year of partnership with Project Hope, an organization based in Dorchester that helps women to take ownership of their lives through education... [More]
h3.                {expand:Symposium}
Each year in the Spring, the GSC hosts a graduate student symposium where students throughout various department show their work for the chance to acquaint others with research on the Tufts campus, and for the chance to win prizes\! Symposium participants also get feedback by faculty judges on the quality of their work and presentation... [More|Symposium]
h3.                {expand:Grad Grind}
Grad Grind is the Newsletter of the Graduate Student Council of Arts, Sciences and Engineering at Tufts University\! Check out our most current issue or peruse past issues... [More|Grad Grind]
h3.                {expand: GSC Spring BBQ}
GSC hosts the annual Spring BBQ at Fletcher field. Fletcher, Friedman, and Sackler joins AS&E for an afternoon filled with
tons of food, music, and fun!  Spring 2009 was the first annual GSC Softball Tournament! For results of the tournament and pictures of the event see: [GSC Spring BBQ|2009 GSC BBQ]

h3. (*b) {color:blue}{*}Office Manager{*}{color}(*b)

h5. David J. Proctor


h6. _PhD Candidate, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program_

h6. []


h2. [Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Info|GSOs]
_Information on how to start, fund, and manage your GSO_


h2. Graduate Student Lounge
{align} The GSC Lounge is in West Hall 001/002. There is wireless internet, meeting tables, couches, printers and a photocopier. All Arts & Sciences and Engineering graduate students have 24 hour Tufts ID card access. Check [HERE| Lounge Hours] for lounge staff hours. {align}

*B.Y.O.P.* The GSC hopes to help solve the graduate student printing problem by providing free copying and printing. You supply the paper, and we supply the photocopier and printer.
*Free Lockers\!* Don't want to carry your books back and forth to campus? Sign up for a locker in the GSC lounge.Lockers are assigned on a first come, first served basis. For more info email []
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h2. About Us

{align}The Graduate Student Council (GSC) was established to provide a forum for graduate students across all the disciplines in Arts, Sciences and Engineering. Each year the GSC works on a diverse array of student life and learning issues including healthcare, housing, and travel and research funding. The GSC also hosts a Graduate Student Research Symposium which features presentations delivered by graduate students from a variety of departments in ASE as well as the Fletcher School . The GSC takes seriously its role as a member of the broader community. Part of that commitment includes an annual 5K Run/Walk which has raised over $40,000 for a variety of charitable causes.
The GSC is here to serve all graduate students in Arts, Sciences and Engineering. Take a few minutes to explore our website. We have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible but we are always adding new features and links, so be sure to check back often.
If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your graduate life at Tufts, or if you would like to become involved in the GSC, please do not hesitate to contact us. See [GSC Info|GSC '08-'09] for more about us.
h3. Topics for the next Dean's Coffee Hour?
_Graduate Deans Lynne Pepall (GSAS) and Lewis Edgers (Engineering) will be on hand to share coffee and conversation with graduate students. Please send us any suggestions for topics you would like to discuss with the deans in a casual setting._
Submit them here!
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R. Jason Heustis

PhD Candidate, Biology


Becky Phillips

Masters Candidate, Child Development

Vice President

Joanna Xylas

PhD Candidate, Biomedical Eng


Branko Zugic

PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering

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