A variety of distance learning programs have evolved and are currently evolving across Schools at Tufts University. The Tufts Distance Learning Consortium has been envisioned as a way for Tufts colleagues engaged in shaping, leading, and supporting these distance learning programs to meet, to share ideas and resources, and to confer about common goals and challenges. The Consortium meets periodically throughout the year, as desired by participants, and this collaboration space supports virtual sharing of information and resources year-round.


Program or School


Ralph Aarons

Tufts University School of Medicine


Susan Albright



Lynne Ausman

Friedman School of Nutrition


Mark Bailey



Sheryl Barnes

UIT Educational and Scholarly Technology Services


Patrick Connell

Friedman School of Nutrition


Phil Gay (co-chair, 2012-2014)

Education, A&S


Richard Glickman-Simon

Medical School


Dan Hurwit

GMAP, Fletcher School


Mary Beth Kadlec

Occupational Therapy, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Heather McMorrow

Friedman School of Nutrition


Nicole Sanderson

GMAP, Fletcher School


Dara Mehta

Dental Distance Education


Noshir Mehta

Dental Distance Education


Debby Nutter

GMAP, Fletcher School


Lori Lyn Price

Tufts Medical Center


Anil Saigal

Gordon Institute, Engineering


Christopher Schmidt

Clinical Research Graduate Program at Tufts Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Scienceshttp://uit.tufts.edu/at/


Rebecca Sholes (co-chair, 2012-2013)

UIT Educational and Scholarly Technology Services


Melanie St.James, co-chair, 2009-2011

UIT Educational and Scholarly Technology Services


Grace Talusan

English Department


Peter Van Tilborg



Mary Viola

Gordon Institute, Engineering


Angie Warner

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine


Michelle Wartak

Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute


Venus Watson

Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute


Ewa L. Winston

Gordon Institute, Engineering


Haejung Chung

TTS Educational and Scholarly Technology Services


Next Tufts Distance Learning Consortium Meeting

A schedule for the 2013 - 2014 academic year will be posted in early September. The current co-chairs are, Phil Gay, philip.gay@tufts.edu, and Zora Rizzi, zora.rizzi@tufts.edu.

Primary location:

Medford, CELT Conference Room (108 Bromfield Rd. Map)

Connect Remotely:
Adobe Connect  https://webconf.uit.tufts.edu/tdlc2012/

Conference Phone Number: 800-501-8979
7-Digit Access Code: 6273380

Past DL Consortium Meetings Archives

Upcoming Distance Learning Events

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Distance Learning Service Model Design Committee Report - "Strategic Planning and Support of Distance Learning Programs"

Tufts Distance Learning Resources
... a space for collaboration and exchange of ideas and resources...
Topics of Common Interest
Video and Webconferencing Solutions
TurnitIn and Plagiarism Tools
RAK Degree Proposal Document - This is the final version of the Friedman School's hybrid degree program proposal which was recently approved by the Trustees. NOTE: Budget information has been removed from this version.

Tufts Distance Learning Consortium Elist
Our elist is configured as a "private group" list, so any participant in the Tufts Distance Learning Consortium can send a message to the group and view the archives via the Tufts Elist service.

New articles in Resources:

Blended Learning: A Report on the EDUCAUSE ELI Session

On September 15 and 16, 2010, the ELI teaching and learning community gathered for an online focus session on blended learning. This white paper is a synthesis of the key ideas, themes, and concepts that emerged from those sessions. This white paper also includes links to supporting focus session materials, recordings, and resources. It represents a harvesting of the key elements that we, as a teaching and learning community, need to keep in mind as we work to refine the blended instructional delivery model in higher education.

Face-to-face vs. Real-time Clinical Education: No Significant Difference (Electronic Journal of E-Learning)

The main objective of this pilot research project was to determine whether the use of an internet broadband link to stream physiotherapy clinical education workshop proceedings in "real-time" is of equivalent educational value as the traditional face-to-face experience.

The Reluctant Online Professor
"Most faculty in higher education tend to teach the way they were taught---I know this is true for me....So I started the experience with great reluctance and trepidation. Much to my surprise, I finished it jubilantly. It turned out to be one of the best classes I have ever taught."

February/March issue of Innovate Online

This special issue offers a range of studies that contribute to an evidence-based framework to sustain further innovation in online teaching and learning. You will need a free account to access the articles.