You can download these instructions as a PDF here.

Create an individual work zone (also called a "page" or "child" - see the "children" below) that will contain your assignments (e.g., see the Parmenter Demo below), then create sub-page for each assignment, e.g., Assignment 1 - Parmenter).

  1. To create your individual work zone, first click on the Student Work Zone - Intro GIS Spring 2008 page (don't do this on this page of instructions!)
  2. When you are in the Student Work Zone page, click on the Edit menu, then select - New - Page. Give it your last name as a Title. You may type other information in there if you like. When finished press SAVE, and it will automatically appear in the list in the Student Work Zone page.
  3. To add a page for an assignment, click on your individual work zone page first, then click on Edit - New - Page. Give the new assignment page a title something like "Assignment 1 - Yourname"
  4. There are then three ways you can add your work:

To link to an attachment:

  1. First make sure you have attached a file to your Assignment page (e.g., Assignment 3) - see the instructions above
  2. Navigate to your Assignment page, and click on Edit - Edit this Page
  3. Under the Rich Text Tab,type in the text that will be the link (e.g., "Here is Assignment 1")
  4. Highlight the text to be linked and click on the "Insert/Edit Link" icon in the toolbar (globe with chain link on it)
  5. In the dialog box that appears, click on the Attachments link (at the end of the set of links starting with "Search  History..."
  6. You should see the attachment you have added in the list that appears (if you don't you haven't added it to the correcct place)
  7. Next click on the attachment to which you are linking, so that its file name appears in the Link box (see graphic below)
  8. Press SAVE when done editing the page.

See the link properties dialog box below for how this attachment is linked - the linked attachment is a pdf called "accessing GIS networks drives from outside the GIS lab.pdf":
See the Parmenter Example below for more instructions. 

You should restrict editing of your page to yourself, and you may restrict viewing of your page to the instructor and TA. E-mail them if you need to know how to do this.