Student Wiki Instructions

Below, you will find instructions for the following tasks:
Creating your work zone
Adding a page to your work zone

Linking to an attachment

Restricting who can view your work


You can view an example of what your pages on the wiki will look like at Parmenter Example


  1. Remember, you need to be logged in to create and edit pages – log in with your UTLN user name and e-mail password. Click on View – Account – Log In
  2. In the Student Work Zone page , click on the Edit menu, then select  New > Page .
  3. In the field where it says “New Page” enter your last name as your work zone t itle . You may type other information in there if you like. Don’t hit save yet!
  4. Click on the Wiki Markup link (circled below).  This takes you into the “Wiki Markup” version of the text entry box.  This is where you can write macros – so your work zone displays all of your subpages (e.g., Journal submissions and  Semester Project)

  5. In the Wiki Markup text entry window, type in the text you see below - including the brackets:



- this macro will make a link to your children pages (sub-pages) automatically appear.


  1. When finished press SAVE , and your work zone, titled with your last name, will appear in the list on the Student Work Zones page.


ADDING A PAGE TO YOUR WORK ZONE (remember to log in first):

  1. To add a page for an assignment, click on your individual work zone page first, then click on Edit > New > Page.
  2. Give the new assignment page a title (e.g. "Assignment 1 - Jones" )
  3. There are three ways you can add your work:
    1. Enter content directly in Rich Text: Select Rich Text format (next to Wiki Markup).  You can type directly onto this page as you would in a word processor. Save when finished. ( Note: you can insert images, create web links, and add subpages here.  See Parmenter Example )
    2. Upload an attachment: If you have already written the assignment as a word processing document or have it as a PDF, you can upload it.
      • If you are in editing mode, save the wiki assignment page. if you are not in editing mode, click on the assignment page to which you will upload (step 2 above)
      • Click on Edit > Attachments , browse for your file, and attach it.
      • Click on Edit > Edit this Page again
      • Click on the Wiki Markup tab
      • Type in the text you see below - including the brackets (to make your attachments appear)



  •                          Press SAVE when finished!
  1. Create a link in Rich Text to an attachment : Alternatively, you can add your attachments as in the above step, but then in the Rich Text tab, you could type in text (e.g., Assignment 1) and create a link to your attachment if you like. See the instructions below for linking to an attachment.



  1. First make sure you have attached a file to your Assignment page (see the instructions above)
  2. Navigate to your Assignment page, and click on Edit > Edit this Page
  3. Under the Rich Text Tab, type in the text that will be the link (e.g., "Journal Writing for September")
  4. Highlight the text to be linked and click on the "Insert/Edit Link" icon in the toolbar (globe with chain link on it)
  5. In the dialog box, click the Attachments link (at the end of the set of links starting with "Search   History...")
  6. You will see your attachment in the list that appears (if not, you haven't added it to the correct place)
  7. Click on the attachment to which you are linking, so that its file name appears in the Link box.
  8. Press SAVE when done editing the page.


You may restrict viewing of your page to the instructor and TA. To do this:

  1. Navigate to your Assignment page, and click on Edit > Edit this Page
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a Restrictions: EDIT box
  3. Click on the EDIT box
  4. Choose the Restrict Viewing of this page option
  5. Click on Choose me
  6. In the space for Enter user/group name(s), write the UTLN user names for the instructors and teaching assistant one by one - after each entry, press add , then add the next one. E-mail the instructors or teaching assistants for their UTLN user names.