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This is a guide on how to manually install Abaqus, a piece of software used in the School of Engineering. This guide is for anyone that has to perform this installation manually; there is a package located at \\titan\software$\A&S\Programs\Abaqus that contains all the necessary components and a batch file to perform the install.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Run the Abaqus Documentation installer First (the full HTML and PDF installation)
    1. Click the option to enable use of an Abaqus web server to search the documentation
    1. Create a installation directory at C:\Simulia
    2. Ensure Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libraries from 2005,2008 and 2010 are installed
    3. Run install (takes approximately five minutes)
  2. Run the Abaqus Product installer
    1. Input license server info (found here: Network Concurrent Licenses)
    2. Select "Install Abaqus Product" (not the license servers)
    3. Run install (takes approximately 30 minutes)