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Activity Name:

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Butterfly Camouflage

How long did it take?

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45 minutes


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  • Blank butterfly images (cut out)
  • crayons/markers
  • tape

Vocabulary to know about for this activity:

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Background/Things to know about for this activity:

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The purpose of camouflage and how it works as an animal adaptation

Preparation (what should one do to prepare)::

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Cut out uncolored images of butterflies for students to color

Procedure (how to go about the activity):

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Begin by discussing what camouflage means and how animals use it. A series of images or discussion of familiar animal examples is helpful if students are not familiar with the concept. Students should then chose a spot in the classroom that will represent the butterfly's "habitat." Students color their butterflies to blend in with their selected habitats. A discussion and viewing of the butterflies within the habitats should follow. Would a predator find this animal?

How can the EDP or engineering design practices be incorporated into this activity?

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If the EDP process is introduced with this activity, students may begin by identifying the problem of predators. Butterflies have this problem and thus a need for some form of protection. Students could be challenged to design this form of protection or guided to the concept of camouflage. Students can test each other's creations to see if the solution was helpful in hiding the butterfly.

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