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How long did it take?




Vocabulary to know about for this activity:

Background/Things to know about for this activity:

Preparation (what should one do to prepare)::

Procedure (how to go about the activity):

How can the EDP or engineering design practices be incorporated into this activity?

Comment: In the comment field please comment of how this activity went for you, how long it took, how long you expected it to take, if there were any other materials that you would have wanted to have, how your was teacher involved in this activity, if it was age/grade level appropriate for the students and any other comments about this activity you think are important for the next person to use this activity to know.



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Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Week 10-Lighthouse Final.pptx Powerpoint I used when I taught this lesson. Contains animations - especially on slide 8; I suggest watching before editing. Also contains a sort of 'final review' of other types of engineering in first few slides that can (and probably should) be removed May 09, 2013 by Matthew R. Long
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  1. We did this activity with Ms. Hong's class of ESL 5th graders immediately following our squishy circuit lesson. The kids loved the squishy circuits, and were happy with getting to work with them again. We had done tower-building activities in the past, so they were familiar with how to put the two together. Some groups made boring, routine lighthouse-shaped structures, while others made creative, interestingly-designed ones that had a little difficulty standing up straight. Overall, the lesson was successful, and the kids enjoyed it, but I suggest watching out for kids playing with play-doh instead of working and "poisoning" their minds by referring to lighthouses, resulting in very homogeneous structures being built