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Activity Name:

How long did it take?


Vocabulary to know about for this activity:

Background/Things to know about for this activity:

Preparation (what should one do to prepare)::

Procedure (how to go about the activity):

How can the EDP or engineering design practices be incorporated into this activity?

Comment: In the comment field please comment of how this activity went for you, how long it took, how long you expected it to take, if there were any other materials that you would have wanted to have, how your was teacher involved in this activity, if it was age/grade level appropriate for the students and any other comments about this activity you think are important for the next person to use this activity to know.



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Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Week 6-Parachute.pptx Designed for ESL students, so minimal words. Animations present; watch presentation rather than looking at slides May 09, 2013 by Matthew R. Long
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  1. This activity went well.  We have an hour class time and this activity was shorter than the others, we could have completed it in 45 minutes.  We ended up having the kids fill out worksheets that the teachers had printed out about their design process after they had tried a design with each of the materials we had to offer.  We used plastic bags, napkins, coffee filters, shoelaces, tape, and a battery.  Over all the students enjoyed the activity and they learned about drag and surface area which were new concepts.