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  • Grade 4 Robert Indiana's 3D Letters About Life, Love & Laughter
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Grade 4: Robert Indiana-Inspired 3D Letters About Life, Love

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This lesson integrates previous art lessons that explore the ways that art can communicate

messages.  This lesson also builds upon the student's prior knowledge of the elements & principles of design.  Students will participate in two block-letter making activities: the first is an exercise focusing specifically on the creation of block letters in 2-D, and the second activity is the final project, inspired by the artwork of Robert Indiana & created in 3-D forms. This lesson presents a challenge to students, dealing with positive & negative space, while integrating the students' knowledge about shape, color, and texture.  The first day of this lesson starts with a smart-board presentation introducing the artwork of Robert Indiana.  Students will learn about the various ways in which art can express messages and they will also learn about the role of public art within a community space, while viewing images of Robert Indiana's artwork in the smart-board presentation.   Students will then be challenged to apply their knowledge of positive & negative space (from their 2-D sketches) to be used within the creation of their final project, a 3-D papier-mâché letter.  Students will create a final piece of artwork similar to the style of Robert Indiana's public artwork of words.  The students will be able to convey what they learned through their final project, which will consist of an alphabet letter of their choice, covered in papier-mâché, and then painted and decorated with a variety of textures.  Additionally, students will be able to identify artworks found in everyday life (such as advertisements) & artists, (such as Robert Indiana), who use art as a means for communicating a message to the surrounding community.

See image of student artwork above.

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