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All GSOs must complete the GSO Application for Recognition before requesting funding for the current fiscal year (the fiscal year runs from July to June). The application can be submitted at any time during the fiscal year (note that you must submit your application well in advance of the appropriate Funding Cycle deadline - see the GSO Funding Guidelines). GSC funding will not be available to organizations until they have been approved.

Download the GSO Application for Recognition
Download the Personal Information Memorandum (all GSOs are required to review this document)
Here's a presentation describing the entire GSO process!

The GSO Application for Recognition includes:

  1. A list of signatures of interested members and the associated student ID's.
  2. A list of officers and their contact information (name, department, email).
  3. A budget for the academic year.
  4. Agreement to the Tufts Anti-Hazing Policy.
  5. Agreement to the GSC Statement of Service.

New GSOs and GSOs whose constitution has been changed since the last application must also submit a formal constitution.

Recognition paperwork should be submitted to the GSC Lounge Office (West Hall 001) or via email to the GSC Treasurer. For any other inquiries, please contact the GSC Treasurer.

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