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Middle School Lessons
  1. Candy Experiment - Students will create their own data to construct a graph and equation of negative and fractional slope.
  2. Compare and Contrast - Students will identify the y-intercept and slope using equations and then use that data to create corresponding tables and graphs.
  3. Coupon Activity - Students will create graphs, tables and equations to explain their stories and look at how a graph changes depending on the y-intercept.
  4. Evaluation Problem - Students will be given a problem that asks about the amount of money each person has, based on the amount in a piggy bank. They will be given one graph and asked to draw the second graph.
  5. Graphing Equations - Students will practice moving between graphs and equations of functions, as well as identifying the y-intercept and slope.
  6. Graphing Equations - Nonlinear Functions - Students write equations for three graphs and examine their slopes by comparing and contrasting the graphs. Students also look at the same functions graphed on differently scaled coordinate planes.
  7. Jason's Tree House - Students will extract data from a story and use tables and graphs to answers questions about proposed scenarios.
  8. Race Car Activity - Students will look at four different graphs to determine which two describe the scenario proposed by the teacher displaying parallel lines and the correct y-intercepts.
  9. Relating Graphs and Equations - Linear and Quadratic Functions - Students will generate graphs from given equations and equations from given graphs.
  10. What Will Happen - Students will work with equations of functions (both linear and non-linear) to find the y-intercept without graphing.
  11. Wind-Up Car - Students will produce an equation from a graph, based on an engineering-context.
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