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Introduction to GIS - UEP 232 / ENV 193 - Fall 2007
Course Schedule - Class Topics, Readings, and Assignments (check regularly for updates)
Note: GISUE refers to GIS for the Urban Environment (our textbook); ArcGIS manuals in PDF format are on S:\Tutorials\ESRI\ESRI_Library
Day Date Class Topic Readings / Ungraded Lab Work Assignment due
Tue 9/4 GIS overview, course overview, lab and software logistics    
Thur 9/6 Lab: ArcGIS Basics Tutorial    
Tue 9/11 GIS data structure formats and uses GISUE ch. 1; GISUE Lab 1 (no credit) Assignment 1 - Internet mapping - Turn in paper based on GISUE Written Exercise 1 (5 points)
Thur 9/13 Map projections and coordinate systems, scale, generalization GISUE ch. 2; GISUE Lab 2 (no credit)  
Tue 9/18 Continue discussion of coordinate systems and scale; project topic and spatial questions discussion   Assignment 2 - Project Topic Interests and Spatial Questions (5 points)
Thur 9/20 Making maps - reference mapping, thematic mapping; mapping quantities and cateogories GISUE ch. 3, 4, and 5; optional: ESRI Guide to Spatial Analysis, ch. 2 "Mapping where things are" and ch. 3, "Mapping most and least" Assignment 3 - Basic Mapping (10 points) - due Friday 2pm in Barbara's UEP mailbox
Tue 9/25 Mapping continued, GISUE Lab 4 and 5 in class    
Thur 9/27 Data Sources - understanding US census geography and tables GISUE, ch. 6, Census Web Site (  
Tue 10/2 Data Sources - finding, assessing and using existing spatial data    
Thur 10/4 Data quality issues; census data questions   Assignment 4 - Census Tutorial - Census Maps (5 points) - due Friday, 10/5, 2pm in Barbara's UEP mailbox
Tue 10/9 University Holiday - no class    
Thur 10/11 Using address data in GIS (geocoding); Lab: Exercise 6 and 7- working with TRI data GiSUE, ch. 7;  
Tue 10/16 Trouble-shooting geocoding; adding tabular data that has coordinates Geooding in ArcGIS manual (PDF), ch. 1, 3-6; Geocoding Tip Sheet (wiki). Bring list of addresses to class in Excel or Access format for mapping Assignment 4 - GIS data quality assessment (10 points)
Thur 10/18 Lab: GISUE 8 and 9 GISUE ch. 8  
Tue 10/23 Basic queries using selection functions; summarizing data Using ArcMap manual (pdf), ch. 10  
Thur 10/25 Spatial analysis - joins and overlays GISUE ch. 9 Assignment 5 - Basic Queries - Project Maps (10 points)
Tue 10/30 Joins and overlays continued    
Thur 11/1 Working with raster data - comparison of vector/raster tools Using Spatial Analyst manual - Ch.2 QuickStart utorial (pdf) - look over, we will do Exercises 1 and 2 in class (in S:\Tutorials\ESRI\ESRI_Library)  
Tue 11/6 Working with raster data - overlays and map algebra functions ArcGIS Help - Extensions - Spatial Analyst - Getting Started and Solving Spatial Problems  
Thur 11/8 Working with elevation data - raster and TIN data structures; brief overview of 3D Analyst ArcGIS Help - Extensions - Spatial Analyst - Spatial Analyst Functional Reference - Surface Assignment 6 - Initial Project Description and Data Set Documentation (10 points)
Tue 11/13 Proximity functions (buffer, distance, near functions) - raster and vector tools ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, vol 1 -Ch. 6 - Mapping What's Nearby (PDF in S:\classes\UEP_ENV_IntroGIS\readings  
Thur 11/15 Mapping density - raster and vector tools ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, vol 1- Ch. 4 Mapping Density (PDF in S:\classes\UEP_ENV_IntroGIS\readings  
Tue 11/20 GIS and the community, participatory GIS GISUE ch. 10 and 11; also look at the web site for Integrated Approaches to Participatory Development (IAPAD): Assignment 7 - Analysis Flow Diagram / Process Steps (10 points)
Thur 11/22 Thanksgiving holiday - no class    
Tue 11/27 Poster Design Workshop none  
Thur 11/29 Project work none  
Tue 12/4 Project work none Poster Drafts due - in class discussion
Thur 12/6 Course wrap-up; course evaluations none Final posters/papers due Thursday, Dec. 13, 5pm