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Students in the Intro GIS course may create sub-pages (children) in this area for submitting their assignments. Note: you have to log in to do this (log in function is under the View - Account menu) - use your UTLN user name and your e-mail password.Create an individual work zone (also called a "page" or "child" - see the "

Children Display





  • You can start typing the assignment directly onto this page typing in the area under the Rich Text tab just as you would in a word processor. Press Save when finished. Note you can insert images and create web links as well.
  • If you have already written the assignment as a word processing document or have it as a PDF, you you can upload it. To upload a file,  first save the assignment page if you are still in editing mode - if you are not in editing mode, click on the assignment page to which you will upload it (step 2 above), then click on Edit - Attachments, browse for your file, and attach it. Then go back to editing mode (Edit - Edit this Page) and type in this macro:
    - this macro will make a link to your attachment automatically appear. Alternatively, you could type in text and create a link to your attachment if you like.
  • Press SAVE when finished!

- Edit this Page. Attachments can be added by clicking on the appropriate page below, then clicking on Edit - Attachments

See the Parmenter Example below for more instructions. 

You should restrict editing of your page to yourself, and you may restrict viewing of your page to the instructor and TA. E-mail them if you need to know how to do this.