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ASAR Online Publication Database

Articles and research papers published by the Automated Systems and Robotics (ASAR) lab at Tufts University (School of Engineering).

Autonomous Aircraft Landing Using GPS

  1. PDF .  S. Sen and J. Rife (2008).  Reduction of Ionosphere Divergence Error in GPS Code Measurement Smoothing by Use of a Non-Linear Process.  Proc. ION/IEEE Position, Location, and Navigation Symposium (PLANS), Monterey, CA. 
  2. PDF . J. Rife and S. Sen (2007).  Design of a single-frequency filter that minimizes ionosphere divergence error.  Proc. ION Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS 2007), Fort Worth, TX.  
  3. PDF.  J. Rife, S. Pullen, and P. Enge (2007).  Evaluating fault-mode protection levels at the aircraft in Category III LAAS.  Proc. ION Annual Meeting, Cambridge, MA.