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  • Upgrade to OpenTUSK 5.0

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  • Run install script.  This will create tusk/apache users if not yet created, install required yum packages and install Perl/CPAN modules.  The Perl/CPAN installation takes some time but be careful to enter your passwords a few times correctly.

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sudo ./tusk_install_run

  • Create data directories IF you need data/content directories  (Optional)
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sudo ../scripts/


  • Create SSL certificates  IF you need to generate ones.  Be sure to put some info including domain, country, state, etc in install_tusk.yml  (Optional)
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sudo ./create_ssl_cert

  • Install shib IF you use Shibboleth authentication (Optional)
Code Block
> sudo ./install_shib

## if your shib settings are in /usr/local/tusk/conf/etc/shibboleth
>  cd /etc/shibboleth

##  Remove or rename these files before soft linking them to /etc/shibboleth directory.
> sudo ln -s /usr/local/tusk/conf/etc/shibboleth/shibboleth2.xml .
> sudo ln -s /usr/local/tusk/conf/etc/shibboleth/tusk-idp.xml .

## start shib
> sudo systemctl start shibd.service

## troubleshooting
> shibd -t    ## find any shib errors
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/shibboleth/lib64 shibd -t   ## get a critical message about libcurl
### error messages are in /var/log/shibboleth/shibd.log