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GSC Funding and Advertising > GSC Priority Funding Request

GSC funding should be requested primarily via the Priority Funding Request procedure in order to guarantee consideration. Priority Funding is intended to optimize the funds available to active GSOs and other requests from individuals that promote the GSC's goals of bringing graduate students of all disciplines together.

Allocations will be made based on a review of all submitted budgets by the GSC Executive Board. Preference will be given to events/requests that: 1) Provide a social, cultural, or educational benefit to graduate students, 2) Encourage inter-departmental interaction, 3) Are of benefit to all graduate students.

As a counterpoint, the GSC feels that strong Department-based GSOs greatly enhance the graduate student experience. However, we also feel that funding that portion of the graduate student experience should be a shared responsibility among the GSC, the Departments, and external funding sources such as National Societies or the Tufts Administration. Thus, while the GSC has fully funded department-based GSOs, especially in their formative years, it is always with the eventual goal of partial funding responsibility being shifted onto the departments and other external funding sources.

Toward this end, the GSC has adopted the following guideline for funding GSO events now and in the future:

"Any GSO that wishes to run an event that primarily or exclusively is of benefit to a particular department or to the members of said GSO, especially if it is a off-campus retreat or outing, will not have that event funded by the regular mechanism of GSC funding. Instead, the GSO is expected to find Department or External Funding for said event, and if so found, the GSC will MATCH EXTERNAL FUNDS for that event up to a specified amount. These events must still be FORMALLY open to all graduate students of all departments. Any event that is not formally open to all graduate students (such as Officer Retreats) must be funded solely by a Department or an External Funding Source. The determination of which events fall under this policy is reserved for the Graduate Student Council."

So if a GSO can find department or external funding sources (and provide documented proof that such funds were allocated), then the GSC will match those external funds up to a allocated amount decided by the GSC (so you will receive from the GSC either the same amount of money you raised from external sources or else this amount, whichever is smaller). Since this is a new policy, please feel free to e-mail the GSC Treasurer with any questions you may have.

Priority Funding is available in four cycles as outlined below. All events/requests occurring within the funding cycle period should be listed in the Priority Funding Request Form and sent the the GSC Treasurer by the appropriate deadline. Please note that you must also submit a supplementary form (such as a Reimbursement Form) for each event to receive the actual funds.

Download the Priority Funding Request Form

If you are requesting funding during a funding cycle for which the deadline has passed, please use the Alternate Funding Request Form (online form).

Go to the Alternate Funding Request Form

Supplementary Forms: Event Report Form | Reimbursement Form | Direct Payment Form | Expense Transfer Form
(Please read the instruction carefully and submit all forms to the GSC Lounge Office (West Hall 001) or scan and email to GSC Treasurer . Note that ORIGINAL RECEIPTS AND INVOICES MUST BE PROVIDED.)