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Research Classroom: Service Learning

Week 1: Watched the IDEO video and introduced the engineering design process to the class.  Went over the process of re-design and tried to emphasize the concept of testing the initial prototype.

Week 2: Walked around the school in small groups looking for problems the students felt passionate about fixing.  Each group kept a list of all problems that were brainstormed during the "walk around" session.

Week 3: Mr. Wairi divided the class into groups of 3-4 students and the groups narrowed down the list of problems to about 4.  Then they filled out a worksheet that went through the problem definition, who it impacts and the types of solutions.

Week 4: Finished the worksheet and then groups picked their final problem that they will address for their project.

Week 5: The groups began to make their posters where they detailed out their problem and solution.

Week 6: Groups finished their posters and then the class did a poster walk, to share their ideas with the other students and get feedback for more ideas/improvements.  The groups also made material requests and wrote down the items they needed and what they would use each item for (this helped make sure that the students planned in advance and picked needed materials)

Week 7: Prototyping began for each of the groups. Added any extra needed materials to their material requests.

Week 8: Continued prototyping.

Week 9: The first half of the class was spent working on the projects.  During second half of class, four groups presented their projects to the class and the other students gave suggestions/critiques.

Week 10: The other three groups presented their projects to the class and the students gave feedback and asked questions. The remaining time (~20 min) was spent working on the prototypes.

Week 11:  Continued building.