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  • Murphy-Pacino Spring 2013 Outline

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1.Static Electricity Intro

            -powerpoint of basics:

            -demos: rod pvc pipe, wool/felt, and paper, balloon on the hair paperclips

    -Comment: We had planned on the kids all trying to make static electricity each with a plastic ruler. The plastic rulers did not pick up anything.

2. Squishy Circuits

     -powerpoint of circuit basics

3. Build A Flashlight

-introduce switches and bulbs

4. Adding more lightbulbs in a circuit

            -explain current, energy dissipation


3. Valentine's Day Electrical Greeting Cards

              -craft activity that reviewed simple circuits. They built a card that incorporated a circuit with a battery and a light or a motor.

P1020607.JPG  example with motor

P1020614.JPG example with light

4. Build A Flashlight


              -application of circuits in everyday life

              -making the circuits more compact for a device


              Power Point:

We tried to make the circuit building easier by using christmas lights and cutting them up and exposing the wires like this  We went through a lot of bulbs because they would burn out often using 9V batteries so it was useful to have a whole string of lights available and we could just strip more as we needed.

 We also bought 6 of these switches later in the semester which would have been good for this project so they are available in the supply closet now, check for them with the light bulbs.

5. Parallel circuits

            -discovery experiment, how to keep one light on while turning one off

7. Potato batteries

            -potatoes, lemons, oranges


            Powerpoints: Parallel circuits

          "Will this circuit work?" review

6. Electromagnets


            -picking up paper clips

            -talk about the connection between electricity and magnetism

9. Magnets

            -maglev trains and magnetism 

         Power Point:

7. Superhero final project-using circuits and electromagnets to build a superhero device 

     Power Point:

     Individual Design Worksheet: 

     Group Design Worksheet: