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Welcome to Ms. Hong's Wiki Page!

Spring 2013

Fellows:  Catherine Hoar and Brittany Lewis

This semester focused on animal adaptations, a part of the exisiting classroom curriculum.

Semester Activities

2/1: Observe

2/8: Snow Day, no STOMP

2/15: Animal adaptations introduction activity

2/22: Argenziano February Vacation, no STOMP

3/1: Classroom Field Trip, no STOMP

3/8: Butterfly Camouflage

3/15: Animal Beaks

3/22: Tufts Spring Break, no STOMP

3/29: Argenziano no school (Good Friday), no STOMP

4/5: Exoskeletons

4/12: Feet adaptations for a Robot

4/19: Argenziano April Vacation, no STOMP

4/26: Final activity: Animal survival on a planet (design) This was an adaptation of the original "Animal Adaptation" introduction acitivity

5/3: Continuation of final activity (build)


Fall 2012

Fellows: Emmanuel Runes, Matt Long

Semester Outline



Spring 2012

Fellows: Ketan Kumar, Jenn Mui.

Semester Outline


Fellows: Griselle Ong and Catherine Coughlin

Semester Outline