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 All accounts are created with fixed 200 megabyte home directory diskquota.  In addition, a directory is automatically created in filesystem /scratch on  the headnode and each compute node.  The directory is named with your Tufts UTLN; such as /scratch/utln/.  There is no quota and no backup for files located there. Typically ~100+ gig is available.  In addition this filesystem is subject to automated cleaning based on a moving window of 28 days.  You may use this for temporary storage supporting your research computing needs. Note, this storage is not available to your desktop as a mounted filesystem.  Your access is via your ssh login or through a file transfer progam such as WinScp.  For additional temporary storage beyond what is offered in /scratch,  UIT provides a 2TB filesystem called /cluster/shared/.  Access to this storage is by request and with suitable application requirement/justification. The naming convention is the same as /scratch/ ;   /cluster/shared/utln/.  Please work out of your named directory.  

One additional filesystem is /tmp.  This filesystem is used by applications and the operating system for temporary storage.  Please note that it is under the same 28 day cleaning rule as /scratch.

Research Storage Solution: