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Comment: Separate Tagged and Normal KVM network setups


KVM is a robust virtualization technology, strongly supported by Red Hat and easily scaled up to commercial levels of use on CentOS or RHEL. These notes are aimed at generic installation of CentOS 6 or RHEL 6 for such servers, aimed specifically at TUSK 4 or OpenTUSK.

Table of Contents

Determine the Server Network Configuration First


Configuring KVM bridges, especially with pair bonding is a manual process. See the child pages:


Tagged VLANs

If your environment uses tagged VLAN's, see:

Note that taged VLAN's are not suggested: if you need multiple VLAN's, it's sually safer and more reliable to install additional network ports and use pairs of network ports for individual VLAN's.

Normal VLANs

For normal KVM hypervisor environments, see:

Install KVM Software

Critical software for running KVM is in the kickstart file, but for manual OS installations needs to be installed by hand. Run these commands to install them.