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The Sal Soraci Prize was created in the memory of a beloved Tufts University associate professor of psychology who passed away in August 2003.

Professor Soraci made multiple contributions to academic life to Tufts community. Sal Soraci was an excellent teacher and well-known researcher in cognitive psychology. His research investigated many facets of the human mind that optimize learning and memory. In addition, Sal Soraci was the co-director of the Engineering Psychology/Human Factors Program.

Sal Soraci was always present with an encouraging remark, a joke, and words of wisdom to help any student in his or her pursuit of knowledge. Many of our graduate and undergraduate students sought the guidance of Professor Soraci, regardless of what area of psychology was in question.

The Soraci prize will be awarded annually to a Tufts undergraduate student who exemplifies Soraci's intellectual breadth by combining excellence in psychology with a demonstrated interest in the humanities.

Help us make the Sal Soraci Prize an endowed prize. Our goal is to keep the spirit of Professor's Soraci's teaching and alive for students in the years to come.