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To request funding after a Priority Funding deadline, you may use the GSC Alternate Funding Request Form below (online form). This form is to be used to request funding of any kind from the GSC when the Priority Funding Request Procedure can not be used (i.e. when the deadline for the funding cycle has passed). This form is only valid for obtaining approval from the GSC. This form alone is not enough to receive actual funds (e.g. reimbursement, expense transfer). Please read further for details.

When requesting GSC funding, this form must be submitted at least 10 days in advance, depending on the type of disbursement requested. Upon approval (sent by email), one of the Supplementary Forms (below) must be used in order to fully process funding. Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on each form carefully. You are responsible for submitting the proper paperwork. The GSC will NOT be able to process your reimbursement/payment if you do not provide the appropriate documentation.

Supplementary Forms: Reimbursement Form | Direct Payment Form | Expense Transfer Form
(Please read the instruction carefully and submit all forms to the GSC Lounge Office (West Hall 001) or scan and email to GSC Treasurer . Note that ORIGINAL RECEIPTS AND INVOICES MUST BE PROVIDED.)

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