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14th Annual GSC Graduate Student Research Symposium
Saturday, April 10th

Dear Graduate Students,

The Tufts Graduate Student Council invites all of you to participate in this year's Graduate Student Symposium. This annual event offers an excellent opportunity to present your research to a diverse interdisciplinary audience and to compete before a panel of faculty judges to win a cash prize.

The symposium is an all day event in which each participant will briefly present (~15 min) his or her research, followed by a short question and answer session. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, and prizes will be awarded to the top presenters at the end of the event.

In order to participate in this year's symposium you must email a 250-500 word abstract (in MS Word or text format) by 11:59PM on Wednesday, March 3rd to Martin Plunkett with the subject heading "GSC abstract." Please do not include graphics or illustrations with your abstract. Along with your abstract, please include the title of your abstract/talk as well as your name, Tufts e-mail address, and department/program (this info will all be included in the abstract book for viewing). Authors of accepted abstracts will be contacted with further details concerning presentations and scheduling.

Abstracts will be made available online ahead of the symposium.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Updates on this year's event and information about previous symposiums are available on the GSC website,

Martin Plunkett
PhD Student, English Department
Academic Chair, Graduate Student Council

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