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This is a guide on how to manually install Xara, a piece of software used in the School of Engineering. This guide is for anyone that has to perform this installation manually; there is a package located at \\titan\software$\Engineering\Xara that contains all the necessary components and a batch file to perform the install.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download Xara.7z from \\titan\ldeskpackages$\Engineering\Xara
  2. Unzip Xara.7z to C:\Windows\Temp on target machine
  3. Open administrator command prompt
  4. Change to temporary directory utilizing cd C:\Windows\Temp\Xara
  5. Run MSI with transformation using following command: msiexec /i C:\Windows\Temp\Xara\Xara_Designer_Pro_X10_64Bit_en-GB_setup_x64.msi TRANSFORMS=C:\Windows\Temp\Xara\Xara10.mst
  6. Delete temporary folder for Xara once install is complete