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Mathematica Installation Guide for Unlimited Program for Tufts University

Wolfram contact:  Kelvin Mischo,  800-965-3726 ext 3494,

According to this article Tufts University now has a site License. License has been documented on OIT Google Spreadsheet. File is approximately 2gb, DL from vendor website and will take up to ten minutes to install.



Q:  There are several CD’s and DVD’s, which ones should we use?

A:  Wolfram’s philosophy is to give you all the available types of installers, you can choose the ones that work best for various situations.  To decide what installer to use, use the Quick-Start Guide (page 2):

Q:  I just received Mathematica installers, what should I do next?

A:  Mathematica upgrades are complete installers (they don’t load on top of the previous version), so the process for upgrading and new installations is the same.  Reference the above Quick-Start Guide to choose installers, but the following is the most common way

-        Computer lab managers will need: (1) a copy of the Universal installer, (2) your license number (your license number is required, contact to obtain), (3) a copy of this document and/or the Site Installation Guide

-        End users will need: (1) a copy of the installer (you can either set up a secure download site or copy media), (2) your license number (your license number is required, contact to obtain), (3) the Universal password if applicable (see below for all other types of installers), (4) the Site Installation Guide

-        Cluster managers will need: (1) a copy of MathLM and Mathematica installers corresponding to the platform of the cluster, (2) the Site Installation Guide, (3) (optional) documentation about batch scheduler support if they run LSF, CCS, or a similar scheduling system.

-        Web site administrators will need: (1) descriptions or images on, (2) to update Mathematica informational web page with current version information and tutorials (let Kelvin Mischo know if you’d like him to create a web page as  a starting point)

The Site Installation Guides are located here:

Q:  How are passwords sent to activate Mathematica?

A:  Universal passwords are only sent to the main contact for the site license.  You must distribute them to various groups on campus.  For network-based passwords or other single machine passwords, users are directed to to request a password.  Users can also call 800-965-3726 or

Right now, we have things set up so that Wolfram sends the password to the requestor immediately using domain checking to make sure the request is appropriate.  You also have the option to approving all passwords for either campus or students as they are requested.  You also have the option of restricting password requests to a certain domain name.

Q:  Can we download installers or copy media?

A:  Only the main contact for the site license or dedicated Support Contacts can download installers directly from Wolfram at  Please let Kelvin Mischo know if you have lab managers or other individuals that need a password for this.

Q:  It’s renewal time for Mathematica, what should I do at this point?

A:  Wolfram will send a quote 30 days before the renewal date, make sure to get a PO submitted to Wolfram in plenty of time, passwords expire annually.  After the PO is processed, Wolfram will send new passwords to the main contact for the site license to distribute to users, it’s important that this is done right away before the older passwords expire.  This is also a good time to remind users that upgrades are included in the site license, follow the steps above for a quick guideline on what to distribute to various groups for upgrades.

Q:  What installation instructions should I give to users?

A:  The Site Installation Guide is located here:

Q:  How do faculty get home use licenses for Mathematica?

A: Faculty can request a new Home Use license, an upgrade, or a new password for a personally-owned machine here (your license number is required, contact to obtain).  Wolfram will ship installers or set up a download directly.

Right now, Wolfram will do a quick check to make sure the requestor is active faculty, then we’ll process the request.  You also have the option to approving each request before Wolfram sends installers.

Q:  How do students get home use licenses for Mathematica?

A:  Student licenses are included in the site license, there is an end user download site that can be found in the User Portal (  Students connect to that site and download an executable file and Activation Key directly.  Students must create a WolframID in that process.

  1. Download the Student Userguide below
  2. Go to The Wolfram Site to Request Activation Codes
  3. Use your Tufts affiliated email address to create your account and request activation
  4. The site will email you a confirmation link to activate your credentials
  5. Once authenticated you may enter the Wolfram site using your newly created credentials and request the activation code for the software version you are installing.
  6. Once you request the software check your Tufts email for a  link to download the installer, run this installer using the activation key you are given



Q:  How do I contact technical support?


A:  Wolfram technical support will help anyone with installation questions to get Mathematica running properly.  You can add a few proper names in the Wolfram database to ask more technical questions:


phone:   877-239-7177

Q:  How do we get Wolfram Workbench, or an IDE for Mathematica code development?


A:  Wolfram Workbench is available to any user under your site license, but is not shipped automatically.  End users can download copies here:

Q:  Are there other sources of information that administrators should read?


A:  Yes,  is a dedicated web site for Mathematica site license administrators, it’s a good site to visit and periodically review.