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Tufts VPN (Virtual Private Networking) is a service that makes secure remote access to the Tufts LAN possible by using a point-to-point connection across the Internet with "tunneling" protocols that keep the connection private and secure. With the Tufts VPN web interface or the Network Connect client, faculty and staff, once authenticated with a valid Tufts username and network password, can access Tufts' LAN from any computer that has an active connection to the Internet. There is no special software to install or settings to configure and it's compatible with Tufts-supported browsers and all operating systems. Your network drives are displayed for you in an intuitive, clickable interface. In addition, you can access any area of the network that you normally have access to by typing in the correct network path.

Note: Access to the Linux and Mac Clients is now up on the software share under both the FSP and Public folders.

For assistance with setup, please visit the links below:

Installing and using Tufts VPN 
Installing Network Connect on a Mac

Important Update:

Over the past year, many new security related features have been added to the Java Security Updates. Many of those feature have been related to browser plugins for applets and wed start applications (or RIAs). The 'Exception Site List' is a way for end-users to control their own application whitelist and continue using RIAs that could not be timely updates to follow previously announced security requirements. The 'Exception Site List' provides a way to continue using a RIA, but is not intended as a way to remove all warnings for the user. End-users will still see important prompts, but those prompts will no longer block, like the ones needed to install Network Connect. 

Adding a site to the 'Exception Site List' in the Java Control Panel:

Known Issues:

Network Connect cannot be installed via the Google Chrome browser on a Mac running OS X 10.8.2 or higher because Java runtime version 7 does not work with the 32 bit version of Google Chrome.