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Tufts Secure Wireless

(Network & Wi-Fi/Wireless Access)

Available To

Faculty, Students, Staff and Affiliates on all 3 Campuses: Boston, Grafton and Medford

Quick Access

Enable secure wireless on a computer, phone, or tablet by selecting tufts-secure from the list of available wireless networks, and then entering your Tufts username and Tufts password.   

Benefits & Features

Tufts Secure Wireless provides a secure and encrypted path for data to pass which mitigates risk of identity theft and/or data loss. It is available for all devices that support a secure wireless connection to access the internet, including mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers.   All data transferred over tufts-secure wireless is encrypted and data is secured behind a firewall.


Tufts-secure is open to members of the Tufts community who have a valid Tufts username and Tufts password.

Getting Started

Connect to tufts-secure:

  1. While on campus, select “tufts-secure” from the list of available networks.
  2. Sign in with your Tufts username and Tufts password.

How-to Help

Will add how to info for several different mobile devices

Need help?

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