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  • Troubleshooting WSUS clients
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Windows Updates for university owned computers are handled by WSUS server. Issues with the updates are usually with the computer itself, not with the WSUS server. There are rare cases when a specific update can cause widespread issue, but these will be handled centrally upon notification from university community or from the service owner.

To troubleshoot basic issues with the Windows Update service on the client machines

1. Go to

2. Follow the instructions and suggested steps

3 . Alternatively - go to for additional options

Advanced options: - please be aware that the fix options are different for different versions of  Windows OS

For Windows 7 Microsoft provides a tool called System Update Readiness tool. For Windows 8 and above, as well as for Server 2012 you have to use DISM to repair corrupted files.


Windows 7


1.Run  Windows update readiness tool (CheckSUR). There is a package in Landesk, which will run on the client silently (you may way want to copy the package in you packages folder and update the tool as new version are released )
2. Check log file on the client computer for errors here:   

3.Look into this article
4. If above doesn't help - google specific error for info
5. run sfc /scannow
6. Do in-place upgrade of the OS
7. Rebuild computer
Windows 8 and above