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The potential solutions listed below are not being recommended or approved for use, but are listed for informational purposes only. Before using any such service, please investigate thoroughly. Sensitive Information (PII) should never be placed on a third party hosted solution that hasn't been approved by Tufts.

Tasks that our clients need to perform, for which there is no currently available service provided by Tufts University.

  • Storage easily accessible from mobile devices such as Apple iPhone/iPad and Android Phone/Tablet
    • Google Drive
  • Transfer files greater than 50 MB to collaborators outside of Tufts
    • Google Drive
  • Collaborative online real-time document editing with revisioning
    • Google Drive
    • Microsoft 360
  • Local data backup
  • Hosted Virtual Desktop
    • Onlive Desktop
  • Streaming Applications
  • Document Management System
    • Hosted Sharepoint Solution
  • Project Management Server
  • Electronic Lab Notebook
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Image Management System
  • Streaming Server
    • Youtube
    • Vimeo
  •  Instant Messaging
    • Google Chat
    • AOL Instant Messenger
    • Yahoo Instant Messenger
  • Antivirus/Anti-malware  for personal use.
  • Customer Relations Management Software
    • Sage ACT!
    • Goldmine
  • Onsite computer Support for home computers
  • Voice and Video chatting over the internet with collaborators outside of Tufts.
    • Skype