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Proposal Development (PD)

Update PD Proposal Status

Request: "Please update proposal number 1234 to the 'Approved & Submitted' status."

Example Ticket: INC0712970

1. View proposal status values
select * from proposal_state;
2. View status of selected proposal
select proposal_number, status_code from eps_proposal where proposal_number='1234';
3. Update status of selected proposal
update eps_proposal set status_code='6' where proposal_number='1234';

Remove Previous Tracking ID from PD

Request: Cannot remove previous tracking ID from proposal

Example Ticket: INC0712387

1. View info for selected proposal
select * from s2s_app_submission where proposal_number='1234';
2. Remove value for GG Tracking ID from selected proposal
update s2s_app_submission set GG_TRACKING_ID=null where proposal_number='1234';

Update Opportunity Title

Request: The opportunity title on an application contains an unsupported character, resulting in an error which states "Must be an alphanumeric character or punctuation".

This often happens when the title contains a non-ASCII character, such as "smart quotes" or long hyphens copied from Word/Outlook/etc.

1. Update the proposal AND s2s tables with the new title, replacing the invalid character with the correct one
update eps_proposal set program_announcement_title='DoD Peer Reviewed Alzheimer''s, Research Partnership Award' where proposal_number='5997'; -- The double apostrophe in Alzheimer''s results in a single apostrophe in the final output
update s2s_opportunity set opportunity_title='DoD Peer Reviewed Alzheimer''s, Research Partnership Award' where proposal_number='5997';

Fix Missing/Invalid Fiscal Year on PD Unrecovered F&A

Request: Proposal encounters an error during routing referencing an invalid fiscal year. ("Fiscal year must be between X and Y")

Example Ticket: INC0729118

1. Find budget ID for selected proposal
select proposal_number, budget_id, final_version_flag, status_code from eps_proposal_budget_ext where proposal_number='1234'; -- Status code of 1 = Complete, 2 = Incomplete
2. View Unrecovered F&A lines for selected budget ID
select * from eps_prop_idc_rate where budget_id='2345';
3. Update Fiscal Year value for selected UF&A line
 update eps_prop_idc_rate set fiscal_year='2020' where budget_id='2345' and unrecovered_fna_id='3';

Add New Delegate Central Admin

Request: Add user with UTLN 'mgoldb10' as a Delegate Central Administrator for all departments.

1. Run procedure to create unit_administrator rows for all units using the given UTLN
exec add_delegate_central_admin('mgoldb10');

Institutional Proposal (IP)

Update IP Status

Request: "Please update the status of IP ####### to 'Not Funded'."

1. View IP status values
select * from proposal_status;
2. View status of selected proposal
select proposal_number, proposal_id, proposal_sequence_status, status_code from proposal where proposal_sequence_status='ACTIVE' and proposal_number='00173838';
3. Update status of selected proposal
update proposal set status_code='5' where proposal_sequence_status='ACTIVE' and proposal_number='00173838';


Fix Award Stuck in 'Pending' State (Edit button doesn't appear)

Request: "Edit button does not appear for award 100000-00001."

Example Ticket: INC0728472

1. View versions and statuses for selected award
select award_number, sequence_number, award_id, award_sequence_status from award where award_number='100000-00001' order by sequence_number;
2. If no ACTIVE version, set the PENDING version to ACTIVE
update award set award_sequence_status='ACTIVE' where award_sequence_status='PENDING' and award_id='111111';

Fix Page Not Loading on Obligation Dates

Request: The award page gets stuck while loading, and attempting to move to another page results in a "The page has not finished loading" pop-up.

Example Ticket: INC0747018

1. Default the value of the Obligation Expiration Date to whatever the project end date is
-- Only run this on awards that don't have Time & Money already entered! If the award has dates and dollars, the problem is something else (and running this will overwrite the existing date data)
update award_amount_info set obligation_expiration_date=final_expiration_date where award_number='102734-00001';

Maintenance Tables

Add New State to State Table

Request: "Please add the states of (country) to the RAS state table."

Example Ticket: INC0718617

1. Insert new row for state (repeat for each state/province)
insert into krlc_st_t values ('SS', 'CC', sys_guid(), 1, 'State Name', 'Y'); 
-- Replace SS with two-digit state/province abbreviation; these are used in S2S submissions so they should match the official designations.
-- Replace CC with the two-digit country abbreviation (found in the Country maintenance table)
-- Replace State Name with the name of the state/province; this is what will display in the drop-down. Be careful about copy-pasting special characters as they may not show up correctly.

Remove Inactive Departments from User

Request: Person/User record cannot be edited because of inactive departments in their permissions.

1. Run stored procedure on user to clean up permissions for inactive departments
exec remove_inactive_unit_perms('efitzp01'); -- Replace with user's UTLN

Grant Admin permissions to a user (full access)

1. Assign admin permission to the given UTLN
exec give_user_admin_permissions('efitzp01'); -- Replace with user's UTLN

PeopleSoft Integration

Add New PeopleSoft Grant Prefix

1. View current grant prefixes
select * from ps_grant_prefix order by grant_prefix;
2. Insert a new grant prefix
insert into ps_grant_prefix values ('ABC', sysdate, 'admin', 1, sys_guid());

Error in Fund Source / Grants Integration - Change the status from Error so that the row processes again.

Request: User error occurred for some reason in the fund/grant and the user wants the proposal to be "reset" so that PeopleSoft processes it again.

Example Ticket: INC0917104

1. Reset PS return status on TUPS_GRANT
update KCSO.TUPS_GRANT set PS_RETURN_STATUS = ' '  where award_number='103786-00001' and ps_ras_transaction_id = '000000037066' and PS_RETURN_STATUS = 'E';

Add/Update PeopleSoft Accountant Code assignments

1. View current accountant code assignments
select accountant_code, user_id from ps_accountant_codes order by to_number(accountant_code);
2a. Assign a new user to an existing accountant code
update ps_accountant_codes set user_id='efitzp01' where accountant_code='99';
2b. Create a new accountant code for the given user
insert into ps_accountant_codes values ('99', 'efitzp01', sysdate, 'admin', 1, sys_guid());
2c. Remove an existing accountant code
delete from ps_accountant_codes where accountant_code='99';

Add Federal Sponsor Mapping Info

1. Insert new mapping row with the given data
insert into ps_sponsor_mappings(sponsor_code, fed_agency, reporting_agency, display_acronym, mapping_level, update_timestamp, update_user, ver_nbr, obj_id) values
	('000000', 'DOD', 'DOD', 'DOD>USMA>', 1, sysdate, 'admin', 1, sys_guid());
	-- First parameter is the six-digit sponsor code
    -- Second parameter is the Federal Agency code
    -- Third parameter is the Reporting Agency code
    -- Fourth parameter is the Display Acronym
    -- Other parameters can be left with the provided values


Update RAS Menu Files (Job Aids, Checklists, etc)

There are a number of files hosted on the RAS web servers that are linked in the main 'Researcher' menu of the application (screenshot below). Occasionally, new versions of these files will need to be uploaded.

To update these files, use WinSCP (or another SCP/FTP tool) to upload the new file to BOTH raweb-prod-01 and raweb-prod-02, and copy the file(s) to the directory:


Ensure that the filename matches the existing files so that the links will still work.

Update Known Issues List

See Known Issues Page.

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