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The HDI Customer Satisfaction Index is a web-based customer satisfaction surveying service, providing an efficient and affordable way for you to understand your customers' satisfaction.

OIT, TTS, and HHSL-ITS have a current subscription to the service. 

For more information about the service, please visit

TechConnect is configured to send data via e-mail to HDI CSI. 

HDI CSI can be configured to send a survey to any percentage of Incidents/Requests. Currently the recommended setting is 30% of all tickets at random.  There is also a setting that prevents one person from getting more than one survey every 30 days. 

The data currently being sent is listed below.

[supportcenter key="XXXXXXXXX"]
[dtclosed]06-27-2012 11:27:52 EDT[/dtclosed]
[agent1]John Doe (utln)[/agent1]
[catmaj]Major Category[catmaj]
[catmin]Minor Category[/catmin]