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  • Generating a Token for a student
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Generation of a token can help a student that is having trouble with the three secrets (private email, birthdate, student ID#.)

The tokens generated can be used to allow a student to bypass those questions and go directly to provisioning their account.

Granting Access

Access is controlled by a specific file on the server: WTTOOLSAPPPRD
File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\cgi-bin\batchtokens

How to use it

  1. If you have rights to use generate tokens, visit
  2. Authenticate using your Tufts Username / Tufts Password
  3. You can look up students a number of ways, the preferred look-up is using their Student ID#
  4. If looking up multiple students, place one student ID number per line. example below
    • Correct:
  5. If any errors are detected you must resolve them before tokens are generated
  6. Select Generate to download a CSV file with the tokens attached for each student you generated
  7. Make sure to give the RIGHT token to the RIGHT student, as this token is the only step that will tell Tufts who the student is. Giving the wrong token to the wrong student will result in a student provisioning the wrong account.
  8. Tokens are live for 7 days.

Important to keep in mind

  1. You must validate the identity of the student before giving them a token. This should be done by the standard identity validation process used by the service desk
  2. Only new students to the university should be using the token and account onboarding process.

Note: Privileges are granted via the batchtoken script on the TuftsTools server.

From WTTOOLSAPPPRD go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\cgi-bin

Make a copy of the batchtokens file and name it batchtokens"date and initials of the person editing the file; batchtokens05232017JC as an example.

Edit the file batchtokens

Add in the new end user who needs this access as follows.