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axiUm Academic is a comprehensive dental school solution for business, clinical, administrative and educational needs.

Vendor information (Axum 6 implementation engineer)


System requirements

Current version 6.03




There is no actual installation for Axium provided by the vendor. There use to be old version of the software, however a new one is not available  (either .msi or exe). Current method of upgrade is copying over the files for the new Axium version. This is a workaround, but makes the reporting from Landesk not accurate. The un-installation is done by deleting the Axium folder. Actual version of the client software can be reported directly from the Axium server

Recommendation: The vendor should be providing an installer file (either .msi or exe). This will make packaging and working with the application much easier

 If we have these installation files,we can build the Landesk installation packages based on them. This way we will have proper windows registry entries for the application, and managing Axium from Landesk can be automated easily

Software customization

Currently there are some  customization, particularly in the Axium reporting, hence the reason for overwriting the files in the Axium installation folder, and not deleting it when upgrading to new version.