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  • Student Teaching Video of 1st Grade Art Project
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My Gallery Talk Movie:

1st Grade Video: Art Project About Book Illustrator Eric Carle

My Student-Teaching Experience

Special thanks to my cooperating teacher Samantha Wick.

This video is a montage of images and memories from my student-teaching experience at A.C. Whelan Elementary School, an Urban Title I School located outside of Boston, in Revere, Massachusetts.  The specific art lesson featured in this video was a 1st grade lesson focused on the book illustrator, Eric Carle (see further lesson plan info below & images of student work in Professional Portfolio link above). 

Essential Question/Agenda/ Vocabulary

What does a book illustrator do?

• Students will know about book illustrator Eric Carle.
• Students will learn about the art-making process that Eric Carle goes through
• Students will recognize how color is a feature to animals hiding.
• Students will be able to identify "color families" and the various shades within a color.

VOCABULARY: book illustrator, Eric Carle, hiding, color families, shades of color, camouflage, collage, layers