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Museum of Fine Arts & Boston State House Field Trip: Student Passport Activity Books


While I was student-teaching at A.C. Whelan Elementary in Revere, MA, I applied for and was awarded a grant from the Tisch Civic Engagement Fund, as well as a 2nd grant from the Bernard J. Rothwell School Bus Fund.  With this grant funding, Samantha Wick and I coordinated a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts & the State House in Boston, for 150 third graders, who would have otherwise not have had the funding for this experience.

I also created an activity book for every student to have on the field trip, titled Global Citizen Passport: Art Around The World, which was designed to look like a real-life passport, filled with scavenger hunts, activities & information about art, history, and civic engagement.  (You can see the students using their passport/ activity books in the photos above.)


This student activity book is one of many examples of how I try to instill my teaching philosophy within my students, in order to ensure that they are not just learning to make art, but learning the importance of the work as it relates to both their own lives and the world at large.  The Global Citizen Passport can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Passport Cover

Egypt I

Egypt II




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