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  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum Unit for Museum Field Trip
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Interdisciplinary Curriculum Unit

for Museum Field Trip

An Interdisciplinary Unit on the Art & Stories of 3 World Cultures

COMMUNICATION: How Art Tells Stories

This unit explores art, in various forms and mediums, as a means of communication for ancient civilizations around the world, with a specific focus in ancient Egyptian, Indian, and African art.  Students will study the different ways that people throughout the world use art to tell their stories, and how art serves as a form of communication for the viewer to learn about other cultures through the study of that specific culture's art.  Emphasis will be placed upon the process of communication and how story-telling occurs between the artistic image and the actual written language.

Unit Plan Overview

Lesson 1: Stories Through Egyptian Art

Lesson 2: Stories Through Indian Art

Lesson 3: Stories Through African Art

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