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  • Grade 9-12: Graffiti As An Art Form
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HS Art Lesson: Graffiti Master-"Piece"

This lesson is an exploration of graffiti as an art form.  Students will learn about the recent history and developments within the field of Graffiti art, and the motivation that leads Graffiti artists to write their “tag” or “piece”.  Through learning about the 3 components (1. Letters, 2. Icon or Character, and 3. Background) that make up a “piece”, students are introduced to some of the basic elements of art and principles of design.  They will explore how these basic elements of art & design have been used and altered by various Graffiti artists through the creation of their own Graffiti “Piece”.  Students will be challenged to apply the art and technique of Graffiti within their own “piece” in order to create a complete “PIECE” composition.  Their final “PIECE” will be an original design, depicting their name, and representing their personality, while incorporating the elements of art and design within their technique.


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