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  • Grade 5 Art for Positive Change
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Grade 5: Art for Positive Change

Environmental Awareness Posters

Students will address social and environmental issues in and through art.  In the process they will gain some sense of the potential for interactive cooperation between artists and the community in addressing those issues. This lesson is the first lesson of a curriculum unit about Art for Positive Change, and serves as an introduction for 5th graders to explore the role of the artist within the community.  This lesson can be viewed in two parts: the first part of the lesson is a class discussion focusing specifically on the meaning of Art for Positive Change, and the second part of the lesson is the actual creation of environmental awareness posters (in honor of  Earth Day on April 22nd, 2010).  This will be done through students taking notes on the first day of class, while the teacher surveys the students' background knowledge about what "art for positive change" means, during a smart-board presentation. Students will generate their own list of concerns and create their own posters, based on an ecological issue that concerns them.  Students will learn what composition means, and how to create unified 2D compositions of their environmental posters through the creation of thumbnail sketches in their sketchbooks.  The final posters will be made of colored pencils, crayons, and colored markers. Posters will consist of 2 compositional elements: 1. Text and 2. Image; both elements will work together to send a message about helping the environment to the viewer.

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