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Full-Year Interdisciplinary Art Curriculum

Students will learn and engage in dialogue about contemporary artists and innovative community-based art organizations that are addressing issues of the environment, racial and cultural identity, human rights, and social justice through art.  Students will also be exposed to art of various cultures, from a historical perspective, and involved in creating art inspired by children's literature throughout each unit.  All four units of this curriculum explore the power of art, in various forms and mediums, as a means of making a difference in the world, with a specific focus on the following: (1) making a difference in ourselves, (2) making a difference in our environment,(3) making a difference in our communities, and (4) making a difference in our life-times...all through art.

INTRODUCTORY INFORMATION: School Profile, Vision Statement, Assessment

Unit 1: Making A Difference IN OURSELVES Through Art

Unit 2: Making A Difference IN OUR ENVIRONMENT Through Art

Unit 3: Making A Difference IN OUR COMMUNITIES Through Art

Unit 4: Making A Difference IN OUR LIFETIMES Through Art

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