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  • 5th Grade Environmental Awareness Posters
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5th Grade Environmental Awareness Posters

Scroll to the bottom to view student work!!! (Then click on image of artwork, to open gallery view).
This project serves as an introduction for 5th graders to explore the role of the artist within the community.  The art lesson can be viewed in two parts: the 1st is a class discussion on the topic of "Art for Positive Change" and the 2nd part of this lesson is the creation of environmental awareness posters.

Students took notes in their sketchbooks about the meaning behind "Art for Positive Change".  Below are the actual notes from a 5th grader's sketchbook.

-Art can draw attention to matters that count, socially & environmentally.

-Art can be interactive, rising from & reflecting community concerns.

-The role of artists can be to address social or ecological problems through activism.

-Through communal interaction on social & environmental issues, people can come to see art as a vital, integral part of daily life.


-What does Art for "Positive Change" mean?

-What Kinds of Problems can you bring "Positive Change" to?

-How can Art for "Positive Change" try to solve these problems?

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