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Please read the announcement about how to test your space in advance and about plugin retirements.

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VUE supports attached digital content from your computer, the Web and from remote systems such as FTP sites, digital repositories, and Google servers. Content can be added to the map as a node or attached to existing nodes. Once these resources are attached and integrated into individual nodes and links, the concept map becomes a content map. The VUE map becomes an extension of the Web and of digital repositories.

The Content window can assist in map creation by providing access to digital content rich with metadata:

  • The Resources tab provides access to content from your computer, from remote systems such as FTP sites, digital repositories, Google servers and RSS feeds.
  • The Dataset tab provides support for importing csv datasets and RSS feeds. The available data can be mapped and enhanced by semi-automatic visualization layouts.
  • The Ontologies tab allows users to import OWL or RDFS ontologies to create maps with additional semantic mapping.
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