The Tufts High Performance Compute (HPC) cluster delivers 35,845,920 cpu hours and 59,427,840 gpu hours of free compute time per year to the user community.

Teraflops: 60+ (60+ trillion floating point operations per second) cpu: 4000 cores gpu: 6784 cores Interconnect: 40GB low latency ethernet

For additional information, please contact Research Technology Services at

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Miscellaneous FAQs

Sometimes my screen becomes confused and out of sync, how do I clear it:
Type clear at the prompt.
> clear

I sometimes have trouble downloading large files from the cluster to my portable storage device. Why is that?
Check to see what the filesystem type is on the device. If it is FAT16 or FAT32 you will experience file size limitations due to that format. Reformat the device to allow larger sized files. For example under Window choose NTFS as the format option. This will allow files larger than 2gig.

How can I view PDF documents on the cluster?
Use the program evince.

> evince your_doc.pdf

What email and web services are available on the cluster:

The cluster does not accept incoming mail, nor is a webserver available for public use. These services are provided elsewhere by Tufts.

Can the local mail be used to send yourself a file?

Yes, but that is about it. Remember you have a mail quota on the Tufts email system. Try:

> mail your_utln < your_file_name

What is the backup policy:

Your data residing in your home directory is automatically backed up by TTS. A moving window of one year is used for backup purposes. It is possible to retrieve files as old as one year. For files less than one month old, these may be restored almost immediately. The policy adheres to industry standard best backup practices. To request a restore of data, contact the TTS support center x73376. You should have available basic info such as the file name(s) and approximately when it existed and what directory.

Is SPSS or SAS available on the cluster:

Spss is not available on the cluster. Software packages R, SAS and Stata provide that functionality instead.

Where can I find information about PC/Mac based Tufts software licenses such as SAS or SPSS:

Look at the software sections on TTS site

Can I connect to the license server from home via my ISP to use Matlab or Mathematica on my Tufts laptop:

Programs such as Matlab and others that check out FlexLM based network concurrent licenses can not be used directly over the Internet, as you can while on campus. IP filtering limits license check-outs to the Tufts network domain. You may use the Tufts VPN solution to obtain check-outs. Use your Tufts UTLN for the Username and your Tufts  password.

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