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The Tufts High Performance Compute (HPC) cluster delivers 35,845,920 cpu hours and 59,427,840 gpu hours of free compute time per year to the user community.

Teraflops: 60+ (60+ trillion floating point operations per second) cpu: 4000 cores gpu: 6784 cores Interconnect: 40GB low latency ethernet

For additional information, please contact Research Technology Services at

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The Campus Champions program supports campus representative who have an interest in the confluence of the many facets of high-performance and high-throughput computing from the underlying technology, to the science and the process outreach discovery, and support of such services.

To find out more about the Campus Champions program both at Tufts and nationally, open a ticket at or email Please specifically mention Xsede so the ticket gets routed properly to RGTS (Research and Geospatial Technology Services) It is very important that we know locally who is interested in the Campus Champions program.

XSEDE Campus Champions

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