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Because of the major setback we faced the week before this with not being able to use the NXT software, we planned to spend this week starting the final project and doing as much of it as possible. We started off by giving all of the groups the task of using the ultrasonic sensor to detect when an object was within a short distance of their animal, and then getting their animal to turn around and move away. Our plan was to give all of the groups a little bit of time to try and figure out the program for themselves before giving them specific strategies to accomplish it.

This lesson started off a lot more slowly than we had hoped. It took a while for many of the groups to get NXT open on their laptops, and most of them wanted to keep improving their animal models instead of starting to program them. A few of the groups had somehow broken the car part of their models in between lessons, so this also took time away from us helping the class to start programming. None of the groups really started to apply the concepts of the final project to the extent that we had hoped, but this same curriculum could probably work in the future given more class time and a few small adjustments.

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