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We had planned to spend this week doing a quick review of programming and then getting the groups to begin programming their animal models. The final product was supposed to be an animal model attached to an NXT car that would respond appropriately to several different environmental stimuli. For instance, we envisioned an animal model that would notice when it was moving toward an object and turn around, stop or move away from loud noises, and run away quickly when something else bumped into it. The students in this class had a little prior experience with NXT, so we assumed that only a quick review of programming would be necessary.

Unfortunately we were not really able to carry out this lesson because the school laptops had been recently updated and wouldn't run the old NXT software. We started the software update downloading so we could use it next week, and had the groups instead work on improving their animal models and attaching the sensors. This didn't go all that well; while about half the groups took the initiative to make real improvements to their models, many of them were also distracted because the activity seemed a lot less structured.

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